Round Rock’s best-kept secret!

Sunrise Montessori is Round Rock’s best-kept secret! My son has learned so much in just one year. I actually chose another Montessori school prior to enrolling my son at Sunrise, who had convinced me that my 4 year old was behind because he was not writing (so much for abiding by the Montessori concept of everyone learning at their own pace and through their own interest). Well, within four short months at Sunrise, my son was writing everything and loving it. Ms. Julie is a great teacher who takes time to understand the children’s individual needs and interests. My son had taken a special interest in the presidents. He is now able to name the first 10 presidents in order and knows factual information about some of our prominent presidents, including our living presidents. This concept was extended into her math lesson, so the children are even aware of what presidents are on our bills and coins. My son was having some social issues that were affecting his performance and the performance of the other children. Through positive reinforcement and good teacher-parent-administrative relations, we were able to cultivate my son’s social skills. When others were ready to give up, Sunrise was willing to go the extra mile and I will be forever grateful.