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Sunrise Montessori Preschool of Round Rock provides an academically focused environment fostering a lifelong love of learning and independence through the Montessori philosophy, communication and compassionate care.

Sunrise was created and opened in September of 2006 by Mrs. Black, a 10-year teaching veteran of the public school system and parent of a two year old. She created what she couldn’t find for her own son: a friendly and open Montessori school where smiles abound, teachers and directors are excellent at what they do, and the school is clean and inviting. We want our students to experience such a positive impact on their learning that our parents would never consider having them attend school anywhere else.

Sunrise Montessori strives to be the best preschool – as a school, as a workplace, and as a community for our families. We pride ourselves on retaining high quality teachers, low ratios, and a welcoming, clean school.

Montessori is way beyond traditional daycare, light years beyond other child care options. Come see for yourself what sets Sunrise Montessori above the rest!

Benefitsof Montessori

Highly Individualized to Each Student
Learning is Child-Centered
Focuses on Key Development Stages
Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline
Focused on Hands-On Learning

Only you can know what kind of preschool is right for your child. Read on to discover the 10 benefits of the Montessori educational philosophy.

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What IS Montessori?

  Want a super quick and basic explanation of what Montessori is? Then read this fast cheat sheet and you’ll be “in the know!” Montessori is a curriculum That’s the easiest explanation. There is what we call in the biz “traditional education” you will find in many elementary schools and daycares, which involves having children read more…


How to Get Your Child to SLEEPzzz…

Ah, sleep. It can be an elusive mistress when you’re a parent, which seems strange because your child is sleeping overall more than you, so you should be getting regular opportunities, right? If you’re still reading, then I suspect your child is not as solid of a sleeper as you would like. So let’s break read more…


How to Incorporate Montessori at Home

As a Montessori preschool owner, I am asked from time to time how someone can incorporate the Montessori philosophy at home. One of the main tenets of the Montessori curriculum is independence. Independence goes hand in hand with responsibility as well. Win win! Yet you can’t have an independent child if everything is set up read more…


Why Children Bite

What You Can Do After it Happens, and How to Prevent It One of the most DREADED behaviors my son, John, displayed while a toddler at Sunrise Montessori many moons ago was biting. Argh!?! How I hated hearing that he had bit another child! He did grow out of it, as all children do, but read more…


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Sunrise Montessori's latest blog post
What IS Montessori?
April 18, 2019
By Shannon Black

Want a super quick and basic explanation of what Montessori is? Then read this fast cheat sheet and you’ll be “in the know!”

Montessori is a curriculum
That’s the easiest explanation. There is what we call in the biz “traditional education” you will find in many elementary schools and daycares, which involves having children sit as a group and learn whatever lesson the teacher decides, and then there is another way, a philosophy of learning we call Montessori. A Montessori education means the child will set their own pace and learn from materials that will teach them about life, their environment, culture and how to communicate (read/write) and problem solve (math), so that they develop into confident citizens of our world and reach their full potential. It’s pretty rad! I’ve never seen a more hands-on learning environment that produces such amazing results.

So why do schools have the name “Montessori” in their title?
It’s to let everyone know that we are a preschool/academic using a Montessori way of learning and not a daycare.

Who created the Montessori curriculum?
Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). She was an Italian medical doctor, a teacher, a philosopher, and an anthropologist. Her progressive view of children was ahead of the times, and she is the one who started the first preschools for young children.

How is a Montessori classroom different than a daycare?
For one, Montessori schools offer academic care. Our students leave for Kindergarten reading chapter books and adding 4 digit numbers. Really! What daycare offers that? We believe that the classroom environment is the best teacher, and we prepare it with Montessori materials that teach different concepts. Rather than dictating what a child should learn and when, we design the classroom or home to fit the needs of the child, rich experiences balanced by beauty and order. This takes a great amount of effort, but we are rewarded when a child is inspired to learn. In a typical Montessori classroom, you would see objects in baskets, trays, or boxes arranged on a shelf attractively. Teachers guide students in child-centered learning of social skills and daily living skills, as well as traditional subjects such as math, reading and language. In focusing on individual student progress instead of that of the group, no one “falls behind,” but instead, is allowed to pace themselves with curriculum that changes as their individual need and interest level does, instilling in each student a sense of pride that comes from realizing his or her own accomplishments. In addition, because the Montessori approach appeals to a child’s natural curiosity and hunger to learn, children learn to love the process of learning, which will benefit them throughout their lives.

Part of our curriculum is raising a well mannered child
We model grace and courtesy (good manners), treating our children as we wish ourselves to be treated. We use calm voices when teaching and speak with respect in regard to the children's feelings. We carry ourselves with poise and handle objects with care. We believe that the children are observing us even when we aren't aware of it, and they will mimic our behaviors and attitudes.

Montessori is the Goldilocks of learning!
The Montessori method of self-directed learning allows children to advance at their own pace, in groups or alone, limited only by their own curiosity. And unlike traditional preschools, which typically divide children based on age alone, Montessori students interact with peers of different ages, allowing the younger ones to learn from their older classmates, and giving the older children the opportunity to develop leadership skills.
Montessori is the ultimate preschool environment! It’s hands-on, interesting and fun. Once a child masters a material, they move on to another. The teacher guides them to ensure they are learning language and mathematics, but in the end, the child decides what they are going to work with based on what interests them...which is the BEST way to learn.







Sunrise Montessori Preschool has two locations in Round Rock. Interested in learning first hand what we can offer your child? Then book a tour on our website at Sunrise-Montessori.com or call us so you can discover why Sunrise Montessori Preschool is where YOUR family belongs!
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Our chicks hatched and have found new homes! A BIG thank you to Serene, Momo and Makenzie's families for adopting our hatchlings! They are now living on a farm in their own chicken coop.

Thanks also goes out to Ms. Anna and Ms. Hannah who took care of the chicks as they were incubated and as they hatched. We appreciate you taking on this responsibility so that the children of Sunrise could observe the chicks hatching!

Have a wonderful weekend, Sunrise!

If you haven't toured Sunrise Montessori yet, what are you waiting for? Sunrise is where your family belongs! Book a personally guided tour today at www.Sunrise-Montessori.com.
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