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Sunrise Montessori Preschool of Round Rock provides an academically focused environment fostering a lifelong love of learning and independence through the Montessori philosophy, communication and compassionate care.

Sunrise was created and opened in September of 2006 by Mrs. Black, a 10-year teaching veteran of the public school system and parent of a two year old. She created what she couldn’t find for her own son: a friendly and open Montessori school where smiles abound, teachers and directors are excellent at what they do, and the school is clean and inviting. We want our students to experience such a positive impact on their learning that our parents would never consider having them attend school anywhere else.

Sunrise Montessori strives to be the best preschool – as a school, as a workplace, and as a community for our families. We pride ourselves on retaining high quality teachers, low ratios, and a welcoming, clean school.

Montessori is way beyond traditional daycare, light years beyond other child care options. Come see for yourself what sets Sunrise Montessori above the rest!

Benefitsof Montessori

Highly Individualized to Each Student
Learning is Child-Centered
Focuses on Key Development Stages
Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline
Focused on Hands-On Learning

Only you can know what kind of preschool is right for your child. Read on to discover the 10 benefits of the Montessori educational philosophy.

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What We've Learned Blog

How to Get Your Child to SLEEPzzz…

Ah, sleep. It can be an elusive mistress when you’re a parent, which seems strange because your child is sleeping overall more than you, so you should be getting regular opportunities, right? If you’re still reading, then I suspect your child is not as solid of a sleeper as you would like. So let’s break read more…


How to Incorporate Montessori at Home

As a Montessori preschool owner, I am asked from time to time how someone can incorporate the Montessori philosophy at home. One of the main tenets of the Montessori curriculum is independence. Independence goes hand in hand with responsibility as well. Win win! Yet you can’t have an independent child if everything is set up read more…


Why Children Bite

What You Can Do After it Happens, and How to Prevent It One of the most DREADED behaviors my son, John, displayed while a toddler at Sunrise Montessori many moons ago was biting. Argh!?! How I hated hearing that he had bit another child! He did grow out of it, as all children do, but read more…


How Do We Attract and Retain Our Amazing Team Members?

There has been an interesting trend during tours the past few months. A sign of changing times! Our prospective families consistently ask, “How do you treat your teachers?” It’s a good question. Logic dictates that if they are treated well, they will likely do a better job. The average child care center has an incredibly read more…


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This Montessori lesson is called Numbers and Counters! It's a beginning math material, where your child arranges the numbers in the correct order and matches them with the correct quantity.

Discover what your child is learning in class. ow.ly/FAVh50pSwvw
... See MoreSee Less

This Montessori lesson is called Numbers and Counters! Its a beginning math material, where your child arranges the numbers in the correct order and matches them with the correct quantity.

Discover what your child is learning in class. http://ow.ly/FAVh50pSwvw

We've got chicks hatching at both locations! See attached pics. Aren't they cute??? =) The red light is the heat lamp of the bin we place them into once they are out of the shell and dry. Enjoy! More pics soon! ~ Shannon ... See MoreSee Less

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We had the chance to see “hamburger” this morning ☺️ love that our kids get to experience the beauty in the chicks hatching, the butterflies and the garden growing.

Hooray! There has been big talk about these in our home. Very exciting.

my daughter was so excited about this yesterday!!! <3

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