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Sunrise Montessori Preschool of Round Rock provides an academically focused environment fostering a lifelong love of learning and independence through the Montessori philosophy, communication and compassionate care.

Sunrise was created and opened in September of 2006 by Mrs. Black, a 10-year teaching veteran of the public school system and parent of a two year old. She created what she couldn’t find for her own son: a friendly and open Montessori school where smiles abound, teachers and directors are excellent at what they do, and the school is clean and inviting. We want our students to experience such a positive impact on their learning that our parents would never consider having them attend school anywhere else.

Sunrise Montessori strives to be the best preschool – as a school, as a workplace, and as a community for our families. We pride ourselves on retaining high quality teachers, low ratios, and a welcoming, clean school.

Montessori is way beyond traditional daycare, light years beyond other child care options. Come see for yourself what sets Sunrise Montessori above the rest!

Benefitsof Montessori

Highly Individualized to Each Student
Learning is Child-Centered
Focuses on Key Development Stages
Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline
Focused on Hands-On Learning

Only you can know what kind of preschool is right for your child. Read on to discover the 10 benefits of the Montessori educational philosophy.

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What We've Learned Blog

A (Wo)Man with a Plan!

One of the reasons I created Sunrise Montessori 13 years ago was to offer a preschool experience where our families and team felt like they belonged, a home away from home. So it gives me great joy to officially announce that due to demand, we are adding 7 more classrooms to our Sunrise East location! read more…


When Gratitude is Better, Interesting and Different

Gratitude is an attitude I try to practice all year long, yet I must admit, this time of year makes me a little more introspective and thankful. Case in point…Have you noticed how there are so many people in our lives that make it better or interesting or just plain different?  Let me shine a read more…


Top 3 Reasons Why Montessori Classrooms are Multi-Aged

Most child care centers segregate their classrooms by age (two year olds are in the Two Year Olds room and three year olds are in the Three Year Olds room and so on). Montessori preschools are known for combining age groups. Our Pre-Primary classrooms are for children ages 18 months up to 3 years old read more…


Why Naps are SO Important

When my son, John, was a baby, he slept like a pro (once we got him to sleep through the night, that is). He would sleep for 12 hours and still take one to two naps. The more sleep he got, the less he seemed to get sick and the happier he was. But little read more…


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