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Sunrise Montessori school is a preschool located in Round Rock, Texas that specializes in high quality Montessori education with a nurturing, independent atmosphere. Between our friendly customer service, ultra-clean school, and credentialed staff, we promise to impress. Discover how wonderful a year-round Montessori school can be by calling to schedule a tour or online!

Sunrise Montessori Preschool of Round Rock provides an academically focused environment fostering a lifelong love of learning and independence through the Montessori philosophy, communication and compassionate care.

Sunrise was created and opened in September of 2006 by Mrs. Black, a 10-year teaching veteran of the public school system and parent of a two year old. She created what she couldn’t find for her own son: a friendly and open Montessori school where smiles abound, teachers and directors are excellent at what they do, and the school is clean and inviting. We want our students to experience such a positive impact on their learning that our parents would never consider having them attend school anywhere else.

Sunrise Montessori strives to be the best – as a school, as a workplace, and as a community for our families. We pride ourselves on retaining high quality teachers, low ratios, and a welcoming, clean school.

Montessori is way beyond traditional preschool, light years beyond daycare or other child care options. Come see for yourself what sets Sunrise Montessori above the rest!

Benefitsof Montessori

Highly Individualized to Each Student
Learning is Child-Centered
Focuses on Key Development Stages
Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline
Focused on Hands-On Learning

Only you can know what kind of preschool is right for your child. Read on to discover the 10 benefits of the Montessori educational philosophy.

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Every year, we ask our families to let us know what they are thankful for. Down below are several (some written by the children!). But before I get to that, I wanted to share what I'm most grateful for this year.

I am grateful for MANY people in my life and thanking them all would take up more space than what is allowed here, but this year, I wanted to thank a specific group: the first parents of Sunrise Montessori. When we opened in September 2006, I made a LOT of mistakes, as all business owners do when starting out, but I had made an exceptionally big one, and it almost sank Sunrise before we had a chance to really shine. I set tuition too low and I didn't have enough money to cover expenses much less pay myself. So I called a meeting 2 months after opening and explained my predicament. They asked how much more and I told them ideally $80/month but they had signed a school year agreement and I legally couldn't raise it. They would have to be comfortable paying more until the summer. Some paid $40 more, some $80 and some $100. Every month until June. They believed in what I was trying to offer them...a welcoming clean school with happy teachers... And they kept us afloat. Twelve years and two locations later, I have been thinking about these original parents often. I made plenty of colossal mistakes back then but their generosity and understanding allowed us to improve and grow into the AMAZING group of caring women and families that we have today. Thank you to all of our original families, like Julie Lloyd, Tracy Cranford, and Nicole and Michael Wakefield, who helped by spreading the word about us or paying more tuition or giving my family a gift card to Target that Christmas so that we could afford to buy our 2 year old son presents, I will never forget you and what you did for Sunrise and my family. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! You made many dreams come true.

Wishing you are yours the happiest of Thanksgivings!
- Shannon

What Sunrise Montessori families are grateful for...

I am thankful for my bruthrs- Anonymous

My cute healthy boy and my beautiful silly girl.- Anonymous

I am thankful for Ms. Anna and Ms. Yedid! Their kindness and patience makes my heart happy!

Mrs. Karima

I am thankful for Mrs. Taylor. She’s a hard worker and wonderful teacher.

I am thankful for having a great kind staff. Thank you guys!

We are so thankful for Ms. Carmen! She is a wonderful teacher and has taught our son so much! We are grateful for her! Love Manchesters.

Grateful for my job at Sunrise! Kabrina

We are grateful for having such loving family, friends around us. The Wickers

I am grateful for such amazing staff and fantastic learning environment, for our son Miles. James Mansfield

Meeting new friends in the Butterflies class. Deacon

We are thankful for all the unconditional love and care that you provide to our kids! We have one more on the way to be part of Sunrise family! Eva’s parents

I am thankful for Ms. Sarah! She is really sweet and a great assistant! I love you!

AnaMaria is the Bomb! She is always on top of things and is super sweet!

Giving mommy and daddy kisses and hugs.

Thankful for Ms. Nancy, she is the sweetest!!

I am thankful for my hard working Admins! Their passion is humbling and raises me up!

Sending my kids to a school where I don’t worry about them. Murphy

I am thankful for such a great Sunrise team

My family and my friends- Erin

Living in a city with kind, good people!

My family and Sunrise for giving me the opportunity to work!

My baby boy that’s on the way. Ms. Sabrina

We already wrote a note but we are so thankful for Ms. Carmen! She deals with difficult parents with grace and the professionalism! Thank you! Manchesters

All my family at Sunrise

Ms. Carmen, Ms. Andrea, Ms. Stefanie and Ms. Tiffany!! They have been amazing for our family! The Crowls

The chance to be home with my family for the holidays.

I am thankful for the amazing co-workers at Sunrise

Ms. Brittany! She does a great job caring for our daughter! She is awesome! The Manchesters.

All of the amazing friends and role models Bettie has made here at Sunrise. Super grateful for the staff! Thank you! Love, The Fritz Family

I am grateful for all the love and support Caden receives from all the Sunrise Staff. Nonna

Sunrise Montessori for taking great care of my children!
Family! Kace

Tiffany, Stefanie, Demi, and Sabrina for being the greatest idol for my children.

That I found this amazing learning center and blessed for the teachers and staff here. Cyara

Ms. Stefanie, Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Carmen, Ms. Andrea, Ms Karima and anyone else who loves our kids. The Crowls

My daughter feeling comfortable and loved here at Sunrise.
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We have been having a BLAST at our classroom holiday parties this week! We are grateful beyond words for our dedicated Sunrise families! ~ Shannon

Sunrise Montessori is where your family belongs...learn more at www.Sunrise-Montessori.com where you can see our team page, rates, and schedule a tour using our Calendly app!
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Here are some pictures from our Caterpillar, Dandelion and Tigerlily classrooms at our Sunrise West location. Enjoy! ~ Shannon

Find out why Sunrise Montessori in Round Rock is where YOUR family belongs! Check us out and schedule a tour online at www.Sunrise-Montessori.com.
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Great work, Brittany! Can’t wait for our little one to join the Caterpillars in the spring! ❤️

Are you scrambling to find after school care for your little one? No worries, we now have afterschool care for students at Herrington Elementary, Veterans Elementary and Cottonwood Elementary! ... See MoreSee Less

Are you scrambling to find after school care for your little one? No worries, we now have afterschool care for students at Herrington Elementary, Veterans Elementary and Cottonwood Elementary!

Check out one of our students learning to slice fruit. He’s really concentrated on cutting up some delicious pineapple! ... See MoreSee Less

Check out one of our students learning to slice fruit. He’s really concentrated on cutting up some delicious pineapple!
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