Montessori Compass in Detail

Online Parent Portal

Parents rejoice! Finally, there is an easy way to stay connected to your child’s school!
Busy parents can simply access important school information in real-time from any computer or webenabled mobile device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). Each parent website is password-protected and personalized to contain only the information that is relevant to the designated user’s family.

Online Montessori Progress Reports

Parent-Teacher conferences? Yes!
Even the most engaged parents can find it challenging to effectively understand their child’s progress in the Montessori classroom. Montessori Compass makes it easy for parents to see tangible evidence of their child’s academic and social development in an easy-to-read format. MC’s comprehensive Online Montessori Progress Reports compile all of the lessons presented to the student over six months and includes personalized notes from the teacher.

Online School Directory

MC makes it easy to connect with other parents!
Parents who have ever tried to organize a birthday party or play date for their child will appreciate the convenience of having an easy way to connect with other parents. Messages are instantly sent via Montessori Compass messaging – not email. Therefore, all personal information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) are always kept confidential. This allows schools to leave it up to the parents as to what information they would like to share and with whom.

Montessori Materials Photos & Descriptions

What is the Pink Tower and what does it teach my child?
Montessori Compass aims to help educate parents by sharing customizable photos & descriptions of common Montessori work. Increased awareness of the many benefits of a Montessori education leads to increased appreciation and understanding what concepts the materials teach.

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