So supportive and truly, truly caring

Skyler has been with Sunrise since it first opened in September of 2006. We have been so pleased and could not imagine her going elsewhere. The teachers and staff have been so supportive and truly, truly caring. Occasionally she will do or say something unexpected from a 3 year old and I will ask where she heard or learned it and she will say, "At school." And it’s not just her level of "academic" knowledge that amazes me, but also the day to day behavioral interactions. Saying please, thank you and yes (vs. yeah) are all things we emphasize at home but are also carried over at school. Of course our children are always "perfect angels" in our own eyes but we all know and experience true toddler behavior. The teachers and staff at Sunrise have been very instrumental and supportive during the not so angelic periods as well as with the growing needs of our children (hiccups in potty training, etc). I think it’s because they recognize each child as an individual yet at the same time remain focused on the class as a whole. It’s an immense task they execute very well. I’m also very pleased with how Sunrise takes care of their teachers. Not only is Sunrise a great place for our children but also a great place to work. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do.