I know she is with great people

I first found out about Sunrise when I had second thoughts about enrolling my daughter in another Montessori school. I was scheduled to have her start the following Monday but something did not feel right. So I called Sunrise to learn more and ease my feelings. When I called for information the owner picked up my call. She was kind knowledgeable and instead of talking me out of this other school, she told me what Sunrise was about. I knew after speaking to her that Sunrise was where I wanted my daughter to go. We had to put her on a waiting list for a little while but I could not be happier with my choice. Miss Lara & Mrs. Lisa were my daughters first teachers and could not have been nicer. Miss Lara has been promoted to administration and is always so kind. I have no complaints. Instead of worrying about my daughter when I am at work, I know she is with great people learning and she is happy as well. My husband and I were driving in the car a little while after my daughter started and she was singing the cutest songs. I looked at my husband and just listened with delight. She was singing, a song about the continents, the solar system, and many more. Thanks, Sunrise, for being such a great environment to send our daughter.