He’s becoming more self-confident/reliant

Following my child’s first week at Sunrise, he was telling me about the seven continents and saying that his peanut butter sandwich crust resembled Antarctica. Later that week, I purchased a USA puzzle (coinciding with class instruction) and the following week he knew all of the states and their capitols. He could even identify a state by it’s shape from behind when another classmate held up a piece of a USA puzzle and inquired about it. Needless to say, I have no regrets about my decision to enroll my son at Sunrise. He’s LEARNING; he’s becoming more self-confident/reliant; the ENTIRE staff is always courteous, supportive, upbeat and professional (not just his teachers); and the school is extremely clean and well-maintained — he’s only had one minor stomach ailment since he started, and we survived cold and flu season with no missed school days. My son and I only wish that he didn’t have to leave Sunrise to attend public school next fall; because he wants “to stay at Sunrise forever,” and, of course, “Ms. Kelly and Ms. Melissa will miss me…”