Extremely happy to find Sunrise

Our daughter, Isa, has attended Sunrise Montessori since it’s opening in September of 2006 and she is a thriving, happy child who loves to learn. She had attended regular daycare programs and was doing fine but we felt that she was not being challenged enough in the standard daycare setting and the constant turnover of care takers in her daycare was concerning. Once I started reading about the Montessori teaching method I knew that this was the type of environment I wanted her to be in. The self-motivated learning approach and fostering of independence, respect and care for others and the environment are all part of the Montessori method that made perfect sense to me. After touring several Montessori schools in the area, I was extremely happy to find Sunrise. Unlike the other Montessori schools, it seemed very homey, non-intimidating, and clean. I immediately felt comfortable leaving my daughter. The quality of care and education is outstanding and all the teachers and staff at Sunrise are phenomenal. It is truly amazing to see a room full of 3 and 4 year-olds in a quiet setting and each child is engaged in an educational activity working with the Montessori materials. I also love the wide variety of extra curricular activities in the afternoons from computer class to music and dance or Spanish. Our decision to enroll her at Sunrise gets validated daily as she shows off new words, phrases, songs, numbers, letters or witty remarks. She has blossomed into a happy, smart, confident and caring person. But the biggest validation is that going to school is fun for her and a deep love for learning is the best foundation we could ever want for her.