Excited about learning

We have been delighted by our son Joshua’s experience at Sunrise Montessori. He feels cared about and attended to, he is excited about learning, and he challenges himself at home by practicing new concepts (the continents are a favorite). We hear Joshua singing the songs he has learned in class…days of the week, for example…which he also enjoys teaching us to sing! Having a group of friends to interact with each day – how the children are taught to view one another – continues to be beneficial for his socialization as a caring, sharing, engaged citizen of the world. Joshua was going on three when he began school at Sunrise, and it was a difficult decision for us to place him in school at such a young age versus continuing to have him at home. We researched the Montessori Method and philosophy, interviewed seven Montessori schools in the area, and are delighted with our choice to enrich Joshua’s life with the experience provided for him at Sunrise. Our first parent-teacher conference far exceeded any expectation we might have had regarding in-depth feedback about Joshua’s learning strengths and plans for his continued learning. The level of engagement with him as an individual was stunning and incredibly informative. This kind of attention to who Joshua is and how he is developing is pervasive…from assistant to teacher to administrator…and we couldn’t ask for a better place for our son to be each day. At day’s end, he even wishes to stay longer sometimes! Thank you for all that you do for Joshua and in creation of an encouraging, enlightening, peaceful, caring environment of learning and socialization for all children who attend. We are delighted to be able to offer our son this wonderful early childhood enrichment experience.