A true blessing to our family

Sunrise Montessori has been a true blessing to our family. We recently moved to the area from San Antonio in which Loren was attending a very similar type of school to Sunrise. When we first moved here we put Loren in a traditional childcare that stated that they are an "award winning preschool." That couldn’t have been further from the truth. We found within a week of Loren attending that she was extremely bored and unchallenged. This created such a difference in her attitude. When we were in San Antonio she would come home and entertain herself, always smiling and happy, singing, and with tons of new knowledge, politeness, respect, and art work. But over just a week at a "daycare preschool" Loren would come home with a bad attitude, not wanting to go, telling me how much she didn’t like her teachers and the other kids, and all she wanted to do was watch TV. This was not at all like the Loren I knew. This put us on a mission to find a better alternative learning environment. We then looked into the Montessori teachings and philosophy and found Sunrise Montessori. After visiting a few different Montessori schools in the area, our minds were made up the minute we walked into Sunrise. We knew without a doubt that this was the best place for Loren! We have been at Sunrise since August 2007 and it has been truly awesome. It is so homey and clean, and the staff is incredible!! They are great with the kids, caring, clean, and extremely personable. Loren loves going to school everyday and now the dreaded mornings are full of excitement. She is back to her old self again, singing everyday, polite, respectful, happy and smiling, full of great conversation and knowledge, as well as the art work. We are amazed by her everyday when she tells us about the stuff she is learning, for example: germs and good hygiene, geography, as well as not talking to strangers. Sunrise proves to me on a daily basis that we have made the right decision for Loren and it’s funny because sometimes we forget that we are talking to a 3½ yr old. We also have another child and even though she only 5 months old, she is already in line to attend Sunrise Montessori when she turns 3. Thank you to all of the staff at Sunrise Montessori for making us feel so welcome and comforted knowing that our Loren is getting a great foundation and is in great hands on a daily basis