A phenomenal teacher

Let me start by saying I was initially wary of Montessori simply because I was ill-informed of the teaching methods. My granddaughter started at Sunrise in September 2008, her grandfather and I could not be more excited. Since September my granddaughter’s knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only is she capable of reading simple readers the “Bob Books”, and add single digit numbers up to 10. Her desire to continue to learn is wonderful. Miss Julie is  and my granddaughter adores her. It is my sincere hope that Miss Julie will remain at Sunrise throughout my granddaughter’s tenure there. The support staff, Miss Sarah and Miss Lara, as well as all of the other teachers are always nice and helpful. I am always greeted by name when I come to school. If I have a question, Miss Sarah or Miss Lara are always there to answer a question or concern. To the staff of Sunrise and Miss Julie in particular, thank you for everything you are doing.