Our 3yo daughter has been attending this school since June 2016. She is currently attending Tuesdays and Thursdays for half a day (8AM to 12PM), is part of the Fireflies class, and it costs us $350 a month. The school is Dependent Care eligible and requires the student to be potty trained before they can attend the toddler classes. They do have a babies program and pretty sure they don’t require the babies are potty trained…although…that would be a miracle if babies are potty trained at that age….

We regularly interact with Ms. Tamnya, Ms. Ali, Ms. Lauren, and the teacher of the Butterflies class (unfortunately, I do not know her name). All four of them are awesome teachers. They are very patient and gentle with the kids. When the kids are upset and crying, I often see them soothing them and calming them down. I’ve also seen them take immediate action to stop any unwanted behaviors by stopping them immediately and explaining to the children why not to do something. My daughter is always excited to go to class and honestly I am too. She’s allowed to show up when the school open at 7AM which we did in the beginning but I’ve been unable to wake up that early nowadays and make it to class by 7:30’ish. They (the teachers) don’t mind me hanging around and playing with the kids until 8AM when they start class. Hate to admit it, I’ve been late before, but never had a problem. Just let the kiddo go into class by herself and all set.

We’re provided weekly reports on our daughter’s progress and there are Parent-Teacher Conferences so we can get a more detailed report on our daughter’s progress, strengths, weaknesses (err…”areas of improvement”), and what the teacher has in stored for her.

I’m honestly always impressed that Ms. Lauren knows my daughter by her name and my name as well (obviously Ms. Tamnya knows our name as she’s the primary teacher). Anytime we need to call in sick, we’re always wished for a speedy recovery which is always appreciated. I’m honestly looking forward to my second one to become potty trained so I can enroll her as well (yep…I has two daughters).

Awesome school, awesome teachers and staff. They’re very friendly, gentle, and know their stuff. Kids are well behaved. Highly recommend the school to anyone considering. Can’t wait to enroll my second kiddo.