What does your family receive at Sunrise Montessori?

We go above and beyond for our families!


Tour Folder/Website: Find out more about the Montessori curriculum and why Sunrise can be the best fit for your family!
Classroom Book: We’ve created a book with pictures that shows your child who their new teacher is, what their classroom looks like, and what to expect
Welcome Packet: Learn more about your child’s classroom, schedule and teacher
Weekly Email Newsletter: Read up on what s/he has been working on this week and see pictures of lessons and art work
Montessori Compass: Check in online to see what academic progress your child has made and view photos of lessons your child has learned
Teacher Talk Time: Schedule a conversation on the phone with your child’s teacher to discuss any concerns or just to see how your child is doing
Social Media: Our Facebook page is updated regularly with pictures and videos of Sunrise events. Our website is pretty informative, too. Check them out!
Semi-Annual Conferences: Sit down one-on-one with your child’s teacher twice a year to discover how your child is doing academically and socially

Customer Service

Friendly Staff Greeting our families and smiling faces are just the beginning
Administrators are always available to answer any questions you may have
Teachers will greet you by name at drop off and pick up
A Small School makes it easier to get to know everyone
Staff Schedules are set up so that your Lead Teacher arrives early and Assistant Teacher stays late. Why do we do this? So that your child has a consistent, regular caregiver in their classroom
Nurturing Staff is a requirement at Sunrise and we keep those loving channels open by offering our teachers excellent benefits and letting them know how much we appreciate all they do

Montessori Education

Individualized Lessons at his or her pace as well as a daily large group lesson called Circle Time
Circle Time generally consists of a grace and courtesy lesson (manners), updating the calendar, singing songs, plus the teacher offers a lesson on new materials entering the classroom
Regularly Rotated New Work Materials There is always something new to engage your child’s interest
We teach the Executive Skill of HOW to learn, a major indicator of future success in school and the workplace
As an American Montessori Society Associate Member School (www.AMSHQ.org), we follow the principles set out by American Montessori Society.
We strive to give your family the best of what is possible in a Montessori preschool environment