When Gratitude is Better, Interesting and Different

My husband, Rob, and I…He is one of the many people in my life I am grateful for.

Gratitude is an attitude I try to practice all year long, yet I must admit, this time of year makes me a little more introspective and thankful. Case in point…Have you noticed how there are so many people in our lives that make it better or interesting or just plain different?  Let me shine a light for a moment on those who have made my lives or the lives of those I care about BETTER. From Amanda Vasquez, a parent at  Sunrise East who took the time to email us how happy she is with one of our teachers this past weekend to Ms. Michelle, our Director who led both Sunrise campuses while Ms. Jessica was on maternity leave, I am thankful that you both took the time to show those around you how much you care. Who are the ones who have done similar things for you? Acts that you couldn’t do yourself, that make things better for others? 

What about the INTERESTING ones in our lives that keep us on our toes? You know who I mean. For me, that would have to be my son, John, now a sophomore in high school. He’s earning straight A’s this school year, but that was definitely not the case last year, so I am grateful that he has seen what he’s capable of (and that it didn’t take another year off my life in order for him to do so. 😉  Who have you put a lot of energy and time into that finally beared some pretty awesome fruit? I bet we see them at Sunrise every day.

Last are the ones who are DIFFERENT. The wacky friends who do a dorky dance out of the blue to make you laugh, children who time travel for a brief spell into the wise, wrinkly humans they will one day become to share their insights, or those who surprise you with their generosity of spirit when their own lives are falling apart. Different isn’t bad. I consider “different” the spice of life and I’m incredibly grateful for it. Who is different in your life who adds that touch of whimsy?

I’m also grateful for my better half. Building Sunrise from scratch 13 years ago was daunting, scary as heck, and I couldn’t have done it without Rob, my supportive (and hilarious) husband. He was my own personal cheerleader, picking me up or letting me go, even making me laugh when I really didn’t want to. We ALL need our very own cheering section in life. Who is yours?

I love Thanksgiving. It’s an expectation-free holiday that reminds us in the most stressless of ways why our lives are so wonderful. You and your loved ones make my life and those I care about better and interesting and different, and for that, I am truly grateful.

So when you sit down next week to savor that first bite of turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, when THAT relative does the completely expected, or whatever the 28th may bring, I hope your food, family and festivities are memorable. Happy Thanksgiving, Sunrise Families!

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