Tribe of Moms

My mom, Heidi and me (left), 1981.

Sometimes I wish we could rename Mother’s Day to Tribe of Moms Day. Or just make another day altogether to celebrate all of those women (and sometimes men) who mother us and our children throughout our lives. I have had dozens of mothers over the years. My first was of course my own mother, then my two older sisters, Heidi and Allison, who loved making me laugh (I think it was so I’d stop crying, but the jury is still out on that one). Then came my amazing Auntie Pat (my mom’s sister), the moms of my friends, my teachers, friends and on and on. Once my son, John, was born, I saw this more clearly because some of those same people plus new ones were stepping up to help me raise John to be the best kiddo he could be.

At Sunrise Montessori, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we are hearing almost daily from our enrolled moms how our Teachers are like another family, guiding and truly caring for their children. Those moments when Ms. Lara of the Hummingbirds classroom sits down with toddler parents to explain how the potty training process will work that coming weekend and how we will support them and their child with this transition…when Ms. Leti of our Ducklings classroom comforts new moms dropping off their infant for the first time to go back to work…when Ms. Brittany of the Caterpillars who creates fun grab presents for her parents every Monday to make the beginning of the week a happy experience…all of these women are a tribe, mothering our families.

Life can be hard at times. My mother passed away two months ago. This will be the first Mother’s Day where my sisters, Heidi and Allison and I, aren’t sending her flowers. I was the one who would send them and write the card, trying to find a new way to thank her for all of those moments when she made us feel loved, safe and important. All the lunches she made, all of the times we got sick but knew she would immediately come get us from school and take care of us, and making sure we went to college. So important and life changing, reminding us that life is kind and generous, too.

Then there are the moms who try to stay under the radar but fail miserably. I will call them Dan and Melanie Carlson, friends for over ten years. They both have helped us raise John, showcased in their thoughtful words and actions what really matters in life, and taken the time to even mother Rob and I here and there. And let’s not forget the other moms we call husbands and children and sometimes strangers. So many people mothering us, such a wonderful tribe who makes this journey lighter, deeper, memorable. Worthy.

To ALL you Moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! You may not realize your impact, but everyone around you does.

My sister, Heidi, with my two-month-old son, John, and me, Mother’s Day 2004

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