Why Do YOU Appreciate Your Child’s Teacher?

Nayeli graduating from Sunrise West, with her Father, Pete, who dramatically ran up to get his Picture taken with his daughter during the ceremony, And Nayeli’s teacher, Ms. Karima

Teacher Appreciation Week begins this Monday, so I wanted to dedicate this week’s blog post to all the teachers out there who make such an impact on us all.

You know who I mean, right? Who is one of YOUR favorite teachers? Think back…Who made such a lasting impression that you can easily recall their name all these years later? For me, it was Mr. Greenwald, 5th grade, Serrano Elementary in Villa Park, California, 1980. He was AMAZING. Mr. Greenwald had a model T that he would drive students in if they earned a trip to get lunch at Carls Jr. with good behavior. In today’s world, this wouldn’t happen, but back then myself and two others, if we were lucky enough, had a blast spending this special time with him. Mr. Greenwald did all sorts of things to make our time in his class memorable and fun! He had this writing challenge where we had to write down each step of making a peanut butter and green mint jelly sandwich, with him at the front, asking us to read what we wrote for each step, stopping and starting over if we forgot a step. I vividly remember my classmates laughing and erasing their list and re-writing instructions furiously to get the chance to get him all the way to the part where he took a bite of the sandwich! He taught us that learning can be fun, an adventure, and worth our time to do our best. What a wonderful foundation as I grew older and entered junior high and high school!

What do you think your child would say if you asked him or her what they loved most about THEIR teacher? Here at Sunrise Montessori Preschool, we think our teachers are pretty special and we hope you do, too. So let’s do something DIFFERENT and FUN, go the extra mile just for them! Will you please ask your child what they like about their teachers and then post it on our Facebook page? Add a picture if you have one!

Let’s light our page UP, Sunrise Parents! Here’s the link: https://business.facebook.com/sunrisemontessorikids/?business_id=858821417511837

Taking the time to do something special, fun and out of the ordinary for our teachers? I have a feeling that Mr. Greenwald would approve. =)

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