How Do We Attract and Retain Our Amazing Team Members?

Pictures from our Team Christmas Party,  December 2018

There has been an interesting trend during tours the past few months. A sign of changing times! Our prospective families consistently ask, “How do you treat your teachers?” It’s a good question. Logic dictates that if they are treated well, they will likely do a better job. The average child care center has an incredibly high turnover rate, something we don’t experience. We are also complimented often on our amazing team…how friendly and welcoming, how dedicated and well educated, how well we all seem to get along and how happy we all are. I can assure you, it is not an act and it’s not by accident.

So what are we doing exactly to attract these high quality people and keep them from leaving?

The Easy Answer — Pay and Benefits: We value our hard working ladies and we show it where it counts. In their paycheck. Our Assistants make what most Leads make at other child care centers and our Leads even more. We also offer three weeks of paid vacation (those holidays around Christmas and Independence Day are part of that), paid flu shots, insurance, paid personal hours, free childcare and other incentives, things that other schools do not offer.

The Fun Answer — We Spoil and Surprise Them: We give random and regular gift cards for going above and beyond our high expectations. They can earn bonuses. We have catered lunches during all team meetings and staff development days. We pay for their training (the State mandates 24 hours per year), carve out time for them to visit other classrooms or Montessori schools for self-improvement, and have team building events. We give them compliments when they do a great job! Our goal is to make working at Sunrise someplace our team wants to be.

But the REAL answer — Our Sunrise Montessori Culture: Our culture is something we have worked on for years to get it where it’s at today and it’s something we don’t take for granted. We know it takes consistent thought and effort to keep our ecosystem functioning on full thrusters. Notice that I’m using the word, “We.” An organically self-sustaining, positive workplace culture needs everyone to do their part to keep it alive or it won’t survive. We do shout outs every week by name, looking for the good in each other. We encourage team members to grow even if it means they outgrow us. When we’re short staffed, people volunteer to stay late instead of us asking. When someone’s parent passes away, they will find casseroles on their doorsteps for weeks. In short, we care about and support each other.

By complimenting our Sunrise Ladies on how wonderfully patient or upbeat they are, by pointing out those moments when they go the extra mile with a worried parent, by supporting them during hard times, they are able to give their best, happily!, every single day. Which is the type of person you want caring for and educating your child and exactly the type of environment our team members never want to leave.

How do we attract and retain our amazing team? By treating each other how we all want to be treated. Sometimes the most obvious answer is also the simplest.

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